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The quiet mode that comes with this device reduces noise produced during operation.

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This allows you to focus on tasks that you are handling with full attention. The control panels are tiltable giving you the ability to navigate and see the features from angles that are different. You can print as well as copy a maximum of 24 pages every minute. It is a monochrome laser printer and this means that it only prints in black.

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For this reason, this printer is best for text documents instead of images. It is easy to install with the wireless network and it is multipurpose. It is highly reliable and fast designed to fit a home office or small office user. It comes in a desk friendly size and compact, thereby making it perfect for smaller offices. It is ideal for places where the working space is premium. It copies and prints professional black and white documents, that are sharp up to a resolution of xdpi. It is time-saving while operating and for small offices that require to digitize, share double-sided documents and duplicate, this is the best Mac printer for you.

One of the best and it gives you the chance to choose among the four colors that it comes with. It is ideal for students and it comes at a pocket-friendly price. This features inbuilt copying and scanning capabilities but it does not fix. The wireless setup is easy and quick and it allows mobile printing.

You can use your Apple device or Android tablet and phone to print documents from anywhere. This is why it is one of the best printers for Mac in Buy it today and realize what you have been missing without this printer. For the NFC enabled mobile device, you only need a touch in order to print documents.


It produces professional text documents and it is multipurpose. You can scan, fax or copy using Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. With this device, you can copy and print 27 papers per minute.

Best Inkjet Printers for Mac: Incredibly Cost-Saving Printing!

It features the automatic duplex feature which enables the machine to produce output that is two-sided. The auto document feeder of this machine has page capacity. See It Now on Amazon When this great printer for Mac was being designed, the idea was the small businesses. It only produces documents in one color. The driver compatibility of this machine accommodates Mac and Windows operating systems. See It Now on Amazon This is the product that tops this list in This is actually one of the best printers for Mac in It has numerous beneficial features that it comes with. The stylish, sleek and compact to be used at home.

It produces high quality and clean photographs just like you want them. The product ideal for home office or student use and therefore, you can buy it for your family and they will appreciate. This features mobile printing from any point under the sun and this is why it is one of the best printers for Mac in In the current world, the globe is heavily relying on communication and technology to run. Therefore, the best printers for Mac in are almost a necessity to every being. Regardless of whether you require a printer for your business, home use or office use, the list above will help you to pick the best option for your needs.

They are all great in performance and long-term service. Before jumping in, to help you decide which AIO printer is right for you, there are a few things worth being aware of when choosing a printer for your Mac.

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There are two types of printer on the market — inkjet and laser printers. Laser printers are usually more expensive but they are faster and give better print quality, especially for text. Inkjets are almost the same speed nowadays but give better print quality for images. The best printer for you therefore depends in what you want to use it for.

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Although printers have never been cheaper than today, the real expense with printers is the cost of replacing the printer cartridges. Color print cartridges, especially for laser printers, can be hundreds of dollars so you should bear in mind how much replacement cartridges cost when making your decision. All of the machines featured here can also be used as a fax machine. However, its important to note you will need a landline in your home or office to use this feature. The drivers either often do not work properly with OS X or are not updated regularly enough by Brother to be compatible with the latest versions of macOS.

Wireless printing in particular can be very hit and miss when trying to print to a Brother printer from Mac. Mac-connected printers support most of the printing and AIO features you can access on a Windows machine. Any features not usable with Macs are usually detailed on the printer manufacturer's website. We perform our printer testing on a Windows 10 testbed rather than a Mac, but in ad-hoc testing we have found that printing to the same printer from similarly configured Mac and Windows computers tends to yield very similar print speeds.

Nearly all printer manufacturers today provide support for Mac users. Thus, a list of the best models for Macs largely mirrors an overall list of the best printers out there. See How We Test Printers. One item worth mentioning is the Bonjour protocol, Apple's implementation of zero-configuration networking, which is built into macOS Sierra and High Sierra , all OS X versions going back to Bonjour allows users to quickly discover devices, including printers, on their networks.

You can set up a printer without Bonjour, but its presence simplifies the task. Nearly all new network printers are Bonjour compatible, though very old routers may not support it. Macs are widely used by publishing professionals and graphic artists who rely on Adobe programs, such as Illustrator, to ensure the best output quality. Illustrator , as well as Photoshop and Acrobat, are optimized for Adobe's own PostScript printing language. You can print graphical material with text made in these programs from non-PostScript printers, but at a potential loss of quality, including occasional dropped elements and formatting.

For any business that prints a lot of graphics, a printer with a PostScript driver or at least PostScript emulation is a big plus. PostScript has been a staple of the graphic arts since its inclusion with the Apple LaserWriter printer launched the desktop publishing revolution in the mids.

Many specialty printers are Windows-only. This is especially true of label printers those that are able to connect to a computer at all. With iPads now commonplace in many homes and offices, there are several solutions to print from your tablet. The one most users will rely on is Apple's own AirPrint utility. This allows a Wi-Fi-connected iPad to communicate with a compatible printer on the same network.

If your printer doesn't support AirPrint, there are several third-party utilities, including Printopia and Presto, you can download to your desktop. These effectively make your printer AirPrint compatible. When using these apps, your iPad and printer will need to be on the same network. Other solutions include cloud printing sending your documents to a cloud server which then sends them to your printer and email printing, which assigns an email address to your printer which you in turn use to print from your iPad by sending an email to your printer.

Below are our top-rated Mac-friendly printer picks. But because many Mac users use their computers for tasks unrelated to graphic arts, we also present some top-notch general-purpose printers here. By and large, the qualities that make a Mac-compatible printer great are the same things that let any printer stand out from the crowd: For more, check out our top overall printer picks , as well as our favorite wireless and portable printers , top inkjet printers , and best-reviewed laser printers.

Featured Reviews of Printers for Mac: Very low running costs. Good output quality, led by great text quality.

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Prints, scans, copies, and faxes at up to tabloid size. Voluminous paper capacity. Generous paper capacity. Low price for its capabilities. Above-par output quality across the board. Competitive running costs.

Low price. Great text and good graphics quality.