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Encrypting only a part of a user's home directory might be problematic when applications need access to the encrypted files, which will not be available until the user mounts the encrypted image. This can be mitigated to a certain extent by making symbolic links for these specific files. In such cases, Time Machine is limited to backing up the home directory in its entirety.

Because FileVault restricts the ways in which other users' processes can access the user's content, some third party backup solutions can back up the contents of a user's FileVault home directory only if other parts of the computer including other users' home directories are excluded.

Several shortcomings were identified in Legacy FileVault. Another issue is storage of keys in the macOS "safe sleep" mode. The study authors were able to use a cold boot attack to recover cryptographic keys for several popular disk encryption systems, including FileVault, by taking advantage of redundancy in the way keys are stored after they have been expanded for efficient use, such as in key scheduling.

The authors recommend that computers be powered down, rather than be left in a "sleep" state, when not in physical control by the owner. Early versions of FileVault automatically stored the user's passphrase in the system keychain, requiring the user to notice and manually disable this security hole. A free space wipe using Disk Utility left a large portion of previously deleted file remnants intact. Similarly, FileVault compact operations only wiped small parts of previously deleted data.

FileVault uses the user's login password as the encryption pass phrase. Once unlocked, other users may also use the computer until it is shut down. When FileVault 2 is enabled while the system is running, the system creates and displays a recovery key for the computer, and optionally offers the user to store the key with Apple. During a cryptanalysis in , this mechanism was found safe. Changing the recovery key is not possible without re-encrypting the File Vault volume. The key must be in form xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and will return true if correct.

If a volume to be used for startup is erased and encrypted before clean installation of OS X From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can create a nice PDF portfolio using Pages and simply placing images on layout pages along with borders and text boxes. You can even include an information or bio page. Then just export as a PDF.

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The result is much better than jus Email signatures are easy to set up so that you can have your name and other information automatically displayed at the bottom of any email you compose. You can also add multiple email signatures and assign them to different email accounts. You can set a signature to use as your default, or change your signature each time you co FileVault is a feature of macOS that offers full-disk encryption for your Mac.

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This protects your files if someone were to steal your Mac. Without FileVault, someone with possession of your Mac's hard drive could view the data in your files. With FileVault, that data is encrypted and can't be read. It is unlikely that you will n You can't resize or position an overlay and also apply a green screen effect in iMovie at the same time. However, you can do the scaling positioning over a green background, export, and then use the resulting video in another project to get the same result.

Some people like to put web location files on the Desktop or in the Dock as an alternative to using browser bookmarks. A better idea may be to create a folder to hold web location files and then add that to the Dock. You can set it to List mode and then use file names and folders to further organize your Dock bookmarks.

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You can do a lot more than just simple addition and multiplication in Spotlight. You can use parenthesis to set the order of operations. You can use functions and symbols to do trigonometry and logarithms. You can use powers and roots, and even scientific notation. You can even do factorials, percentages and trig functions using You can create professional-looking video end credits with Keynote using only a single simple animation on a single slide. You can incorporate a long list of names, and add shapes, photos or other elements into a group. The result is easily modified and exported as a video to bring into iMovie, Final Cut or any other video editi While private browsing windows do not really give you privacy, they are useful for a variety of things.

You can use them to log into the same site as multiple users, or to view your own site or accounts as someone who is not logged in at all. You can search and shop without building up a history that can haunt you later on. You can create a photo collage using any number of apps and techniques on your Mac. But the quickest, but still very versatile, method is to use Keynote.

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You can easily drag and drop images from Photos onto a slide and arrange them with lines, borders, text and other elements. You can then export as an image. You can animate charts in Keynote, with 2D and 3D charts having different types of animations. With 3D charts, you can rotate the chart, watch it grow, and even have it come in from in front of the screen. You can choose whether to have the entire chart come in at once, or build piece by piece.

Once you are done, you can use the You can work with other people on a Pages document in real-time or at separate times. All you need to do is to share the document with them using the Collaborate feature inside Pages. This relies on iCloud, though the other person can use the Web-based version of Pages if they don't have Pages or even a Mac. Dark Mode in macOS Mojave is a great new feature, but Apple didn't give us a way to quickly switch between light and dark modes.

The little donation-ware app NightOwl gives you that control in your menu bar. You can also set a keyboard shortcut, select apps to stay in light mode, and set specific times to switch between modes. But you can get weather information quickly and easily using Spotlight, Safari, the Dashboard, Notifications Center and Siri.

You can also bookmark or create a shortcut to your favorite weather source or get a third Storing your passwords in Safari is a good idea as it allows you to use strong unique passwords for each site you visit. But if you still have some old passwords that are used at more than one site, you need to change that. Safari will show you if you are using a password at more than one site. You can use these warnings to fix Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you.

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Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it.

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What sets the app apart from other podcasting applications is its emphasis on discovery. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Developers constantly update and improve. Easy and intuitive to use.

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  • Turn off your flat screen TV about an hour before bedtime or, at least, adjust the color temperature. For the truly serious, a pair of blue-light filtering glasses may keep melatonin flowing. Those products can be purchased online. Sleep is important, especially when your work shows no signs of slowing down. To comment on this article or to suggest an idea for another article, contact Neil Amato, an FM magazine senior editor, at Neil.