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Multiplayer LAN problem. I installed Age of Empires 3, along with all the expansions, from CDs.

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Everything is running perfectly, but I'm unable to play any LAN games with other people. My computer tries to connect, displays "Connecting," but then tells me that it failed to connect. Works the same as restarting. Perhaps this is your issue frankfrat, though I don't have a permanent solution to your problem as I'm experiencing the same.

Age of Empires III | Macworld

Buying a new router will do the job. Buying a new router will do the job other solutions didn''t work for me. U think that can u the lag Hazza Go fking play mariokart seriously "I rather suck dick than play treaty" - Gibson 2k A more expensive one will probably give you more troubles. Also avoid thompson routers or however it is spelled , those give the most troubles in my experience.

A thing you could try if you are desperate, is to sit on the home page when you log in and don't click anything and just wait for minutes.

I have no idea why this should work, but I know a guy who is convinced this works and does this every single time. Jun 30, 1. Hi, I've got Age of Empires 3 and the two expansions, the warchiefs, and the asian dynasties. I'm wanting to play with my dad over LAN, I've installed all three of the versions on both his and my computer, I insert Warchiefs into his disc drive and create the LAN game, I insert dynasties into my disc drive and go and look for the game, but it isn't there.

The bottom line

I'm not expecting to play with the asian dynasties expansion content , I did however think with the dynasties disc inserted that it would be backward compatible with the other two versions. Is this possible?

I'd prefer not to have to buy another collection of TAD games just so we can play, if it isn't possible I might try just buying a new copy of TAD, so I have two discs. Jun 30, 2. Jun 30, 3. I'll give that a shot, but I don't think so. I've found previously if I take the disc out, I get a "please insert the disc and retry" message.

Age of Empires III and Age of Mythology connection problems

I thought about doing a no cd crack, but, all the sites are incredibly questionable, and no doubt loaded with stuff I don't want. Is it illegal to make a copy of the disc for this purpose? I'm leaning towards yes Jun 30, 4. Jun 30, 5.