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December 17th, 2.

Create Windows 10 boot USB from Mac El Capitan

Originally Posted by feddozz. Hi as per title UNetbootin did not show any USB devices in the list although there was one inserted and recognised by Ubuntu December 17th, 3. Originally Posted by wilee-nilee. December 17th, 4. December 17th, 5. So do you have more then one partition on the thumb, and what files are you referring to and where are they.

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You should see the thumb icon on the desktop before opening unetbootin. December 17th, 6. I just have a single partition. Try replugging the stick.

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Also tried replugging, still not working. Close UnetBootin, open GParted, umount the stick partition, create a new msdos partition table on the stick, create a FAT32 partition on the stick, mount it by replugging and start UnetBootin.

If this doesn't help, I'm clueless, too. Also ensure you are running UnetBootin as root. Just mount your drive: Yaron 9, 7 19 Noname Noname 41 2. Try this worked well in my case: Ion Croitoru Ion Croitoru 31 3. Kongxiao Zhao freefrank21 wrote on The fix works for me. Successfully listed my usbdrive. Thanks Kovacs. Steve Voida svoida wrote on Resolved exactly the issue that others had raised.


Sarim Khan sarim wrote on Giacomo giacomo-shimmings wrote on Using the command "sikutil list" I got this information: Les Carleton z-les-v wrote on Hi, Just a note for anyone trying to workaround this. Panama webdevotion wrote on Works for me on OS X Lion. Thanks for the fix! Rodrigo Pereira unebootin wrote on Eric Reitz silentice wrote on Hi, guys, you can do like this: Ivan Petrov hilobakho wrote on Same problem as of on Mountain Lion. Hilarious that this bug is already several years old and it's still not fixed.

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Unetbootin release Wow - I actually blogged about the solution years ago already - http: David Glover me-davidglover wrote on Still broken in Happy birthday! Still broken in El Capitan Johannes johannes-eifert wrote on Thank you for this workaround. It is actually working for me. German Eduardo eduarger wrote on The workaround for El Capitan See full activity log.

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